Counselling / Therapy


Specialization in designing a program that suits the particular need of your group.

Many groups trying to achieve their goals and expectations require an objective perspective who can assist in creating a coherence and congruent work environment. It is not always the actual job responsibilities that are stressful and challenging for employees. At times such issues such as communication, intra and inter personal dynamics, and managing change are what adds to the pressures in the workplace. Unresolved workplace challenges tend to limit every employees creativity and productivity. Effective management means providing employees with the skills and tools they need to meet the demands of their job.

Some common seminar topics include:

  • Effective and Conscious Managers
  • Team/Relationship Building 
  • Communications
  • Managing Change
Private coaching available      Large or small group facilitation
  • One day seminars or available for continuing consulting  


Spirituality guidance, counselling, couples guidance and workshops on sacred sexuality,
mostly in the Victoria area, but also by phone and internet